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William & case is a private partnership founded by A.W. Omolo LL.B, MPHIL,DBA in 1977

Integrating the full range of consulting and legal practice capabilities, William & Case Associates is the one firm that helps clients solve their toughest problems, working by their side to help them achieve their mission. William & Case Associates, a legal practice, strategy and transformation consulting firm, is committed to delivering results that endure.

We serve our clients in private and public markets. Increasingly, we are helping our clients solve complex problems that neither corporate or government leaders can address alone, in such areas as health care, transportation, enterprise resilience, and outsourcing advisory services.

Our functional expertise include:

  • Legislative Affairs
  • Business Law & Contracts Strategy & Leadership
  • Organization & Change Management
  • Management & Organization
  • Innovation
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Risk Management, Forensic Accounting
  • & Commercial Fraud
  • Operations
  • Corporate Reputation & Governance
  • Venture Capital & Private Equity
  • Securitisation
  • Asset Management
  • Banking
  • Commercial Property
  • Corporate Finance
  • Cross Border Insurance
  • Financial Services
  • General Commercial
  • Investment Funds
  • Litigation
  • Maritime/Aviation
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Legislative Affairs

Markets we serve

Our primary markets served are Commercial and government clients

Other markets we serve

Airlines & Aerospace

Banking & Capital Markets

Charitable organizations

Civilian Governments

Consumer Products



Global Funding Institutions




Media & Entertainment

Natural Resources




Travel & Tourism


A Selection of Major Service Offerings

Strategy & leadership

Information technology

Human Capital Management

Management Oversight & Controls

Organization & Change Management

Infrastructure Planning, Development & Protection

Risk Management


Economic Business Analysis

Forensic Accounting & Fraud Auditing


Operational Readiness


Assurance & Resilience


Supply Chain Management & Logistics Strategic Simulation & War Gaming

Sales and marketing

Organization Design

Post-Merger Integration

Outsourcing Advisory Services

Our Experience

In The Commercial Market

William & Case Associates works with leading corporations to enhance their long-term competitive advantage. The firm helps clients deal with multiple and seemingly conflicting objectives at the same time reducing uncertainty and helping managing risks by developing and implementing clear solutions. William & Case Associates uses broad experience to help clients address their most critical issues, such as creating new organizational models, capturing value from their customer and channel strategies, increasing the effectiveness of their supply chains and assets, and integrating security into their strategy to ensure the resilience of their business.

Our Experience in the Government Market

William & Case Associates works with government agencies, institutions, and infrastructure organizations worldwide, providing a broad range of management consulting, systems development and integration services. William & Case Associates combines a deep understanding to the clients mission and environment with expert services and an absolute commitment to client success. The firm’s public sector work has significant impact

Wlliam & Case Associates is one firm that:

Helps clients solve their toughest problems

Works with clients to achieve their mission

Deliver results that endure

Helping Clients Connect

Representative Engagements


Major Commercial Bank

Major Hospital

Major Law Society

Major Real Estate Company

Government department

Project Description

Litigation Support & risk management

Helped develop a 5 year strategic plan

developed a management training program for advocates

Advised top management how to improve customer service

Drafted a comprehensive subsidiary

Legislation on control of major vehicle emissions

Health Act 2017

Clinical officers Act 2018

County Attorney’s Act 2020


More success in court cases & settlements

Improved income and customer satisfaction

20% increase in practitioners income

accelerated total income growth, increased profit by 30% gazetted

The next ideas in business and law

William & Case Associates understands that knowledge has become a critical factor in business success, and we recognize,

well before it became fashionable, the importance of managing this valuable asset creating and capturing ideas, experience, and methodologies from our assignments and distilling this knowledge for the essential lessons learned. We then disseminate it to staff members . As a result, on every assignment, our professionals can deliver to clients around the world. As a result, on every assignment, our professionals can deliver to clients the firms accumulated knowledge, which is accessible to our staff members at all times through our award-inning world intra-net.

William & Case Associates emphasis on knowledge and innovation goes back to our roots. At William & Case Associates we emphasize and invest in the development of innovative ideas that will make difference to business and government. Current examples include strategy-based transformation, smart customization, organizational DNA, and enterprise resilience. Around the world, major newspapers, magazines, and broadcast news, channels cite our expertise and thought-leadership and seek out expert commentary.

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Riverside Apartments.

Apartment No 5 Riverside Drive. P.O. Box

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cellphone:+254 733 500464

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